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The Ancient Jewish Shroud At Turin by John N. Lupia

A critical study on the Shroud of Turin focusing on it as an archaeological textile.

This investigation reveals it is an ancient Jewish tallit design before A.D. 66, and it belonged to Jesus Christ as his personal garment.

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Paperback : x, 258 pages (268 pages), 17 Illustrations

Publisher : Regina Caeli Press

Language : English

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Judas : Portrait of a Christian by John N. Lupia

A book intended for all Christians and people of good will to bring about psychological and spiritual healing and growth through reflection on the Apostle who betrayed Jesus. Moreover, the book especially addresses the negative issues that foster hostile feelings and prejudices among Middle Easterners in the hope of learning important lessons from Judas that will help foster and establish peace and solidarity among all Semitic peoples.

Forthcoming October 2011

Christianity, Islam and Judaism : The Truth by John N. Lupia

An examination of the world's three great religions that shows the Torah of Judaism, the New Testament of Christianity and the Koran of Islam all agree on the essential meaning of God, the Messiah and salvation. The book is intended to break down the walls that divide the Middle East on a religious basis and to open wide the doors to productive dialogues that will effectuate positive change. The book will also dispel misunderstands and misconceptions that have been widespread through misinformation by the media.

Forthcoming August 2011

The 5 Mysteries of Mercy by John N. Lupia

A new set of five mysteries of the Holy Rosary of the Blessed Virgin Mary that concentrate on the Mercy of Jesus for the salvation of the world is proposed by John N. Lupia, Editor, Roman Catholic News.

Forthcoming July 2011

St. Paul, The First Successor of St. Peter by John N. Lupia

This investigation shows that St. Paul was the first successor of St. Peter. Analysis of various ancient texts reveals that St. Paul was the second Pope and is most probably the same person identifiable as Linus, a name known only from an inscription found on a stone fragment, not necessarily that of the Book of Acts. The first part of the inscription is lost and most probably contained the three letters PAU making the inscription complete as PAULINUS, an ancient Latin hypocoristic name for Paul.

Forthcoming June 2012