God in Physics

God In Physics

John N. J. Lupia

This essay is dedicated to Pope Francis, "The Great" and to celebrate the spirit of Laudate si (May 24, 2015).

The essential central focus in the study of physics is Jesus Christ, the center of all things. Putting all things in their proper order directs our understanding of the physical universe to see it in light of Christ. With Christ as our light we will see things in their true perspective based on a model given to us by Christ in His nature.

The nature of God reveals Him in physics. The eternally begotten Son, Jesus Christ, in the fullness of time took on our human nature allowing men to behold His glory. Jesus Christ is God Incarnate. During the transfiguration Jesus revealed his eternally begotten nature. Jesus our creator formed our natures modeled upon his own. Creation is modeled from Christ's eternally begotten body of glorified uncreated matter. His resurrection transformed his earthly body into glorified matter in hypostatic union with his uncreated material body. The created material universe reflects the uncreated matter of God since it is modeled on it. The resurrection united the two into an eternal bond and Christ is given omnipotence over everything.

Christ created the cosmos from his Sacred Heart with each cosmic binary rhythmic beat the material universe emerged into existence and being. In physics this is translated to express the quantum fluctuations on a plane. If God has no place in physics then the conclusion is the universe creates itself. But through the yes of faith we know this fluctuation is Christ's heartbeat loving the universe into existence. The Catholic physicist imitates the Blessed Virgin Mary and consents like her with their "Yes". Consequently, those who teach God has no place in physics smack in the face of the Incarnation and Resurrection there is something obviously wrong with their theoretical models since without faith to guide our reason all sorts of imaginable directions bordering on chaos will spring forth creating a mathematical maze of confusing and conflicting viewpoints on any given subject in physics, which is our current condition. Hawking's model of a self creating universe is such a faulty model that denies God in physics. Yet taking his basic argument in the light of Christ it easily expresses how Christ brought about creation loving everything that came into being and seeing that it was very good.

The eternal, irrevocable and invincible bond of Christ with creation reveals the reverence and respect we owe to nature our environment and common home. Abuse of nature is sinful since it deprives the common good of society from resources God gave in his providence for the common good. In the moral order it is a crime against humanity to abuse nature. The global society is morally obligated to work in harmony to conserve nature and repair injuries and wounds caused by abuse and neglect.

What we know from studies in physics are the vast arrays of complexities revealing the nature of God as He allows us to know Him. God is reflected in the beauty of nature. God created all things from His very nature, the eternally begotten Son's uncreated body in glory. All creation reflects God in the manner He chose, and man in His own image.

Every person is a crown in creation reflecting the Creator and brought forth to share in His very life. Sin broke the sacred covenant, but Jesus Christ came to restore it.

Since the nature of God is infinite and eternal and creation reflects the nature of God then it stands to reason that creation is eternal and infinite. Without God in physics the perceived facts are interpreted quite differently in a 13.83 billion year old universe that is quite finite and doomed by the laws of thermodynamics to dissipate itself out of existence many 100's of trillions of years into its deadly future. But with Christ at the center things take on a whole new meaning, it is eternal and not doomed but saved and destined for glory.

The very heart that created the cosmos was pierced with the iron spearhead of a lance. Christ's wrists and ankles containing the pulse of life were pierced with 9" iron nails. God chose iron an element in human blood to be the one used for instruments to offer His life on the altar of the Cross to save the universe and mankind. Iron found plentifully in the heart of the earth's core pierced the very heart of her creator. But, we cannot help but see that the earth was formed to mirror Thee. Both hearts alike to bring forth mankind and to nourish everyone with goodness and blessings. To abuse the earth is to abuse Christ Himself who created her to serve mankind as His instrument for nourishing us and blessing us and anyone who disrupts this divine ministry abusing the planet is disrupting God's benevolent divine providence. For man was brought into being to be a servant of God to assist Him, not to oppose Him or oppress Him and His work.

Iron is in the hemoglobin transferring oxygen in the blood into the tissues of the body. Iron is in the myoglobin of muscles cells transporting oxygen. Iron, so critical to human life was the predominant element used to execute Christ. Iron, a transition metal conducts heat and electricity. Iron, like cobalt and nickel are metals that can generate a magnetic field and are the chief metals generating earth's magnetic field. Clearly, God chose iron to serve Him in His resurrection and in what appears to be the miraculous production of a carbohydrate on the outermost surface of the linen shroud that contains a vivid portrait of the dead Christ. All the iron associated with the image is pure and trace amounts of iron oxide are found about the scorched blood marks and water stains around the edges from the fire of 1532. The thermo-electromagnetic conduction of iron played an essential role in image formation and its vehicle of a micro thin carbohydrate coating the outer fibrils of the linen thread on the outside surface as shown in the paper Epigraphy on the Turin Shroud (2020) http://www.reginacaelipress.com/epigraphy-on-the-turin-shroud.

Dr. Leoncio Garza-Valdes, The DNA of God, refers to the blood on the Holy Shroud at Turin, Italy. This blood of Christ certainly has morphed over time and some of the code is surely lost to science for ever. Yet, Garza-Valdes makes a good point that the blood of Christ and its hemoglobin and DNA provide us with a physical corpus of Christ who certainly is the subject of physics in every respect and sense of scientific investigations.

When man omits God from physics the light becomes dim powered exclusively by the limited vision of the intellect and subject to creative theoretical models of what the science seems to say about itself. As we see today the field is using models completely godless and consequently wrong. The Catholic physicist is a person of faith knowing Christ is the center of creation and works out from the revealed infallible light from sacred scripture that God created and without him nothing was made that has been made. There is only one creator and that is Christ doing everything the Father shows Him.