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Theology of Intelligent Extraterrestrial Life

Theology of Intelligent Extraterrestrial Life.

Preliminary Remarks.

It is absolutely certain that intelligent extraterrestrial life exists found in the teachings of Jesus.

A. When Jesus defended the doctrine of the spirit and resurrection - extraterrestrial civilizations can be discerned in his teaching.

1. Matthew 22:33. “God is the God of the living, not the dead.” This defended both the existence of the spirit after the physical death and simultaneously the belief that at the end of time all spirits of the deceased shall rise from the dead reunited to a new glorified body. Applying this same principle to the physical universe one could with simple use of logic extrapolate the syllogism : God is not a God of a dead universe outside and way beyond earth’s atmosphere, but rather, of one teeming with life.

2. Luke 20:36. Mk 17:25. The Sadducees attempted to trap Jesus with the dilemma of the bride of seven brothers. Jesus gave the surprise punch line that those in the resurrection of the dead become like the angels. Conversely, angels were human like us.

Angels are Human Beings Like Us

Angels did not fall like Adam and Eve and retained their original perfect state seeing God face-to- face conversing as Adam and Eve had done before the fall.

Fallen vs. Un-Fallen Natures.

Earth’s Humanity Suffers Genetic Deficit

The fall of mankind has left our nature destitute of faculties it once had with our original parents that are now lost. Jesus was like Adam and the supernatural powers he exhibited were most probably those our first parents shared prior to their fall, like the ability to walk on water, for example.

Since angels are humans like our own first parents we can see they possessed capacities beyond our fallen condition that is now deprived of them since God as part of our punishment took them away. Basically this means that some of our strings of genetic code were removed and some modified.

When St. Paul says Christ is like us in all things but sin, it is a type of rhetorical figure “irony” yet it prophylactically encapsulated and preserved intact the apostolic doctrine of the true human nature of Jesus Christ. The double-edged doctrine means that Christ was without sin in moral act and deed and moreover in his very nature, conceived without sin. Consequently to the later proposition Christ born without “Original Sin” shared in the very nature of Adam and Eve’s original state and that of the multitudes of angelic civilizations. Consequently, Christ could not really be like us in all things at all. He was above our nature and we use the Latin term supra + natura to describe that in the English word “supernatural”. Everything about Jesus is supernatural for he and his mother Mary share the supernatural condition that was originally granted mankind in design and intention prior to the fall. All humans for the past 50,000 years or so are born in sin as a result of original sin. But Christ was not subject to that and so was born in an “un-fallen human nature” like our first parents. If we straightened out our terminology Adam and Eve’s supernatural state is really what the original natural state of being for humanity is, and that our current state is sub-natural, or diseased. Jesus said he came to heal the sick and no one on earth throughout fallen history is excluded from those to whom Christ has come.

This makes Jesus in some ways very unlike us hence the rhetorical form used by St. Paul accomplished this quite successfully.

Angels had this nature and now they are in the glorified nature sharing that as that of Christ risen from the dead in what we call spiritualized matter. This is our destiny too since we are all branches of one intergalactic human family. Christ is the bread of angels and so we all share one body one spirit in Christ. We await entering Church Triumphant to join them. They do not send out radio waves. Since they did not fall and receive the curse of Adam “You must toil to eat by the sweat of your brow” they never had any need to develop advanced technologies like our fallen human culture did from necessity to survive.